Corporate Cup 2013 Draft

The draft will take place on 9/13, beginning at 6.30 pm, in Troy Community Center, Room 303 (3179 Livernois Rd  Troy, MI 48083; just in case you have not driven much in the northern-eastern part of the Detroit suburbs, Mich-CA notes that traffic on 275, 696, and 75 can be just a little heavy during rush hour; allow lots of time to get there…).

If you cannot be there in person, you can join a Mich-CA Conference Call (605-475-4001; code 884646) to participate.

Teams will draft in reverse order of rankings

Rank No. 1


Rank No. 2


Rank No. 3


Rank No. 4

TCS / Tata

Rank No. 5


Rank No. 6


Rank No. 7


Rank No. 8


Rank No. 9


Rank No. 10

Quicken Loan

Rank No. 11


Players Available for Draft, US Corporate Cup, 2013

 Names in bold are of U-21 players who,  if not taken during the senior draft, will be available in the junior draft which will follow the completion of the senior draft.

The fee for drafting a player in senior draft (even if he is a junior player) is $250.  The fee for drafting a player in the junior draft is $50.

Abeysekera, Chamara (MPCC)
Afser, Gholam (LCC, Macomb CC)
Ahmed, Ali (GDCC)
Ahmed, Haris (GDCC)
Ajbani, Arjun (Greater Toledo CC, Chargers CC)
Ali, Adnan (Lions CC)
Anathapadbanabhan, Sandeep (Troy CC)
Ansari, Hamza (GDCC)
Bangera, Praveen (Canton CC)
Bemarkar, Kiran (United CC)
Bolleni, Vikram (RKCC)
Contractor, Nickuj (Lions CC)
Dahanayake, Udesh (GDCC)
DePeiza, Pedro (Lions CC, Greater Toledo CC)
Dhillon, Mandeep Singh (GDCC)
Doshi, Ankur (Troy CC)
Gupta, Suyog (Chargers CC, MPCC)
Hussain, Maqsood (GDCC)
Hussein, Iftekhar (Lions CC)
Kathuria, Salil (Chargers CC, Greater Toledo CC)
Khan, Shebhaz (Lions CC)
Lingkon, Foyaz-Ahmed (Macomb CC)
Makin, Gordon (Motown CC, Punjab Kings CC)
Malik, Shahid (Lions CC)
Malik, Tanveer (Lions CC)
Mayasandra, Aniruddha (MPCC)
Mayasandra, Shyam (MPCC)
Mumtaz, Nasir (GDCC)
Murali, Sandesh (MPCC)
Mustafa, Arfeen (GDCC)
Mustafa, Omar (GDCC)
Nangunoori, Nitesh (Lions CC)
Patel, Dakshesh (MDCC)
Patel, Keyur (GDCC and United CC)
Patel, Pratik (Troy CC and United CC)
Paul, Satya (Lions CC)
Pothula, Giridhar (RKCC)
Raghavan, Venkat (RKCC, MPCC)
Raghu, Avinash (RKCC)
Reddy, Jashwanth (MPCC, Warriors CC)
Reddy, Konda (RKCC)
Saad, Muhamad (Greater Troy Tigers CC)
Saki, Mahfuz Rehman (Lions CC, Macomb CC)
Shaik, Faizan (Motown CC)
Singh, Harinder (Canton CC)
Singh, Jagminder (Troy CC, MDCC)
Singh, Manpreet (Canton CC)
Sood, Chandan (GDCC)
Tirmizi, Ali (Lions CC)
Titus, John (Canton CC)
Trivedi, Anki (RKCC, United CC)
Waseem, Shariyar (Greater Troy Tigers CC)
Waseem, Shayan (Greater Troy Tigers CC) Mingfatergintchar .