Playoff Eligibility 2013

As we approach the final weekend of the first stage of our summer tournaments the Mich-CA Rules Committee would like to remind member clubs of the rules for player eligibility in the playoffs.  Please make sure that all club captains are aware of these rules, and please make sure that all match details are fully and properly recorded in Results Vault.


Player Playoff (Quarter Finals, Semifinals & Finals) Eligibility Rules


1.      To be eligible to represent a team in the playoffs, a player must have participated in 1/3 of the games for that team. (1/3rd to be rounded down to the nearest whole number).

2.      In case of a rainout when the game was started and then suspended due to the rain, only the players that were present at the field will be counted.

3.      In case of a rainout game where the game was never started and the decision to call off the game was made on the morning of the game, a team may submit the list of the 12 intended to play to MichCA for eligibility reasons.

4.      In the case of a team giving a walkover of not showing up (forfeit), only the team that was willing to play can submit a list of 12 players to MichCA Stats and Communications to count them towards eligibility

5.      Our rules clearly indicate that if the 12th man is not present at the ground before the end of the first innings, he is deemed ineligible to participate in the gameand therefore he will not be counted towards eligibility. Lately teams have been adding a 12th man to the declaration sheet even when he is never present at the ground. This is not acceptable and those players will not be allowed to participate in playoffs.

6.      For F-40 we have typically 8 games on the schedule, therefore 2.66, rounded down to 2, provides the number of games to qualify.

7.      For T-20 Shield 8 total regular-round games will result, again, in 2 games to qualify.

8.      For T-20 Trophy 10 total regular round games will result in 3 games to qualify.

9.      Please send your missing score cards/declaration sheets to MichCA and enter results in Results Vault, so that the MichCA Rules Committee can create an eligible players list for our umpires and post it on the website. The deadline for these submissions is 8/18/13. If these documents are not submitted to Mich-CA and if data are not entered in Results Vault, your players will not be eligible. English to Urdu .